Medical/Dental Malpractice

I Wrote the Medical Malpractice Law ? I Can Represent You

Experience and legal knowledge are essential for a successful medical malpractice suit, and I have them both. In terms of legal knowledge, I actually wrote the law regarding medical malpractice suits that has been on the books since 1986.

I am a Royal Oak medical malpractice attorney with 28 years of experience as a lawyer. When you work with my Michigan law firm, you will get experienced, professional representation with a focus on client service. For any type of personal injury case I take, I make my client the number one priority. You will work with me throughout your case, not a paralegal or assistant, and I do everything I can to make the experience as simple and comfortable as possible.

Medical and Dental Malpractice Injuries

I handle many types of injury cases resulting from doctor’s negligence, including:

  • Birth trauma, which can result in brain and head injuries or spinal cord injuries
  • Orthopedic malpractice, which often results in compartment syndrome
  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Undiagnosed fractures
  • General under-diagnoses
  • General misdiagnoses
  • Blood clotting issues
  • General failure to treat a serious medical condition
  • Emergency room errors
  • Medication errors
  • Nursing home negligence, which often leads to bed sores and other injuries

I also represent clients who have been injured by dentist negligence, handling issues involving:

  • Inappropriate extractions
  • Root canal mistakes, which often result in nerve damage
  • Failure to diagnose

The Resources to Win

Not long ago, I won a medical malpractice case against The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. When they came into the courtroom with seven or eight lawyers, my client said, “where are the rest of our lawyers?” Nevertheless, I won a considerable verdict. The Corey Law Firm has the resources to take on the largest medical and dental institutions.

Injured By Hands You Trust

Medical and dental malpractice is a particularly challenging area of personal injury law. Often, these cases involve catastrophic injuries, wrongful death or injuries to infants. Another reason is that the public places its trust in doctors and dentists as professionals. Quite literally, we put our lives and our safety into their hands. When they act negligently with that trust, it is a challenging situation.

I have been facing this challenge for 28 years and I have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements. I have a background from the defense side. I spent years defending doctors in medical malpractice cases, and the statute I wrote involves peer review for medical professionals. I know how doctors try to hide information and how they hide the truth.

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